Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Working with Free Lunch

Since I have started working with Free Lunch I have realized that you can come home and want to still use your computer.  The projects I have been working on have been fun and it is a great feeling to see people smile as they see their hard work is being paid off by seeing the finished project. I hope that I can keep that going with my next project which I am in the middle of getting a comic approved and out to the printers and then who knows...

So far I think that I have been fitting in quite well with Matt and Steve - (I just hope they think that as well)

The next big this is our first ever Free Lunch Comic Fest! this Sunday. If you are interested in buying or perusing different comic items you are more then welcome to join us.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rolling By

Things have been busy but very good, I have finished a logo design, book layout and almost done with another. The third book layout will be a great accomplishment for me - it will be my fist lettering job and I think I did a nice job. I will soon hope to share it with all of you. But in the mean time here is the logo design and book cover.

Since I have started working with Free Lunch I have learned a a great deal and want to learn more...